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We can all agree that there is an extreme overload on the amount of COVID-19 information being thrown at us every day. Not only that, but that information seems to change so rapidly that you can barely keep up with it all. This is especially the case when it comes to clinical research and the virus.

Our Mission

This website, powered by Clinical Trial Media, is designed to specifically highlight anything to note when it comes to clinical research and COVID-19. 

Right now, people definitely have a lot of questions when it comes to clinical research. Has there been a breakthrough? Does anything seem promising? We will walk you through it all so that you can fully grasp where the world stands when it comes to a potential treatment.

Beyond that, we will also provide you with plenty of other facts, figures and information about COVID-19 and everything in your life it may touch. In essence, will be a valuable resource for anyone looking to get news and updates in one central and easy-to-follow location.

Finally, if you’re looking for a way to help, we provide that here too. Take our survey to join our registry and we’ll keep you informed on any trials for which you may qualify. Together, we can help advance the discovery of new treatments.

COVID Breaking News

As clinical research of COVID-19 progresses, there will be plenty of new developments and important pieces of information the public should know. Updates on trials could come fast and furious so consider this page the place you can go to process everything quickly and efficiently. Any changes to the information will be made as close to “real time” as possible.

Current Covid-19 Clinical Trials

As we all know, it’s going to take a large-scale effort to defeat COVID-19. Luckily, the clinical research community is used to tackling every condition from multiple angles. This is why many more clinical trials will begin over the coming months to better understand how to battle COVID-19. This section will document all those new studies as they get ready to enroll participants.

COVID-19 Vaccine Discoveries By Top Pharmaceutical Companies

As of early December 2020, five pharmaceutical companies are running large-scale Phase 3 clinical trials testing the efficacy and safety of experimental COVID-19 vaccines.  These ...
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FDA Authorizes First At-Home COVID-19 Test Available Without a Prescription

No search for an open COVID-19 testing center. No waiting in line. No need to even venture outside the house, in fact. That’s the promise ...
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The Serious Side Effects of COVID Trials

Clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines have been long anticipated since March 2020, but now that they’ve arrived, the news isn’t all positive.  According to reports ...
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COVID-19 News & General Information

There’s obviously more going on regarding COVID-19 then just the clinical trials that are working to defeat it. Maybe you’re looking for quarantine activities, home exercise tips, a moment of levity or simply some good news. This page covers all of that and everything in-between so you can stay informed, focused and positive throughout this ordeal.

All About Pandemics

Pandemics have been a major part of our history, and there’s so much to learn from them as a result.

Meet the

COVID-19 once again proves that the worst situations bring out the best in humanity.

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