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About Pandemics

Pandemics are as much a part of our history as wars are and, just like previous military conflicts, there’s so much to learn from the ones that came before this. Unsurprisingly, clinical trials have also played a very important role in how society has moved beyond these past pandemics. This page will explain the history of pandemics, what lessons we should take from them and how clinical research connects it all.

Comparing Death Rates: COVID-19 vs the Flu

When the coronavirus pandemic first emerged, many comparisons arose between COVID-19 and the flu. More than anything, people wondered whether the coronavirus could possibly be ...
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Anatomy of a Pandemic

Detective shows are an entertainment staple on cable channels and streaming services alike. Viewers tune in to follow detectives as they assess crime scenes, interview ...
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Understanding How a Virus Mutates

The term mutate has taken on a life of its own thanks to sci-fi movies and thriller films that dramatize the science behind virus mutations.   As a study ...
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The Antonine Plague and The Fall of the Roman Empire

In 165 A.D, the Roman Empire was introduced to a new plague called The Antonine Plague. The plague is also known as the “Galen Plague”, with Greek ...
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What Is A Plague?

A plague is a serious infection caused by bacteria commonly transmitted through fleas. Yersinia pestis is the organism that causes plague. The organism lives in small rodents found ...
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The Black Death: A Bubonic Plague

During the 14th century, areas of Europe of Asia would be introduced to the bubonic plague known as the “Black Death.” This bubonic plague would be notorious for ...
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