An Inside Look at the COVID-19 HERO Registry - COVID-19 Clinical Trial
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An Inside Look at the COVID-19 HERO Registry

If you are a healthcare worker or know someone who serves in such a vitally important role, the HERO registry is interested in your story.  The HERO acronym is short for Healthcare Worker Exposure Response & Outcomes.  The registry was created with the hope that it would become a network of a quarter-million medical industry professionals who would put a human face on the COVID-19 epidemic.  A whopping 5,000 healthcare industry workers signed up for the registry in the first week after its launch. 

An Invitation is Extended 

The HERO registry is an invitation to healthcare workers throughout the United States to tell their story in regard to the battle against COVID-19.  Everyone who works in a healthcare role and contributed to the treatment of COVID-19 patients has the opportunity to become a part of the HERO registry and tell their unique story.  

HERO registry members also have the opportunity to participate in trials that will gauge whether hydroxychloroquine and other potential treatments prove effective in beating COVID-19.  The first trial will evaluate the drug’s impact on 15,000 volunteers.  Though not all members of the registry will partake in the hydroxychloroquine trial, many will receive this potentially helpful CoVid-19 treatment to help determine whether it can thwart the virus. 

Eligibility for the HERO Registry  

The HERO registry will be comprised of healthcare workers who have altruistically donated their time and effort to beat COVID-19.  These individuals bravely waged war against COVID-19, sometimes without the necessary personal protective equipment, commonly referred to with the acronym of PPE.  However, the registry will contain more than the stories of high-level medical industry workers.   

Those who provided COVID-19 patients with service in the form of physical therapy, administrative assistance and even food service will also be invited to be a part of the HERO registry.  After all, these individuals’ contributions also played a role in the overall functionality of medical centers where COVID-19 patients are treated. This means contributors aside from doctors and nurses are encouraged to sign up for the registry.  Examples of such workers include but are not limited to: 

  • Emergency responders 
  • Transporters 
  • Interpreters 
  • Food service personnel 
  • Others in support roles 

How the HERO Registry Works 

Those involved in the medical industry’s treatment of COVID-19 patients are invited to sign up for the HERO Registry at the organization’s website.  Sign up and you will be asked if you would like to partake in ongoing test trials such as providing a firsthand account of your daily challenges while working in the medical field or a role that contributes to the battle against the virus.  Furthermore, those who join the registry can participate in the CoVid-19 treatment trials as detailed above.   

At the moment, hydroxychloroquine trials are occurring at 40 sites throughout the United States.  Healthcare workers who partake in the trial will either receive the treatment or a placebo across a period of 30 days.  The impact of both will be analyzed to determine if the medication proved effective at preventing COVID-19 infection.   

Sadly, upwards of one in five healthcare employees will be infected with the virus.  If you work in a setting that provides a healthcare service of any sort, you are encouraged to learn more about the HERO Registry, sign up to tell your story and ultimately enhance the ongoing effort to develop an effective treatment against CoVid-19.  Those who do not want to participate in a drug treatment trial are still encouraged to sign up for the registry.  The more people who share their story as it relates to the battle against COVID-19, the better our government, media and healthcare power brokers will understand the unique challenges faced by these selfless workers. 


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