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Deb Maxwell is a Light Shining Bright Amidst the Darkness of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has made life difficult for everyone, yet some truly inspiring stories are emerging from this unfortunate period of human history. Deb Maxwell’s contributions to those in need during the pandemic are particularly notable. Maxwell, a nurse practitioner, lost her job when the pandemic first began last March. Although Maxwell was barred from making home visits during the pandemic, she continued to give back to nursing home residents. 

Making the Best of a Difficult Situation 

Maxwell worked as a nurse for nearly an entire decade, spending the last three years serving others as a certified nurse practitioner. Although she had another job lined up for the summer ahead, Maxwell still could not get the thought of nursing home residents and other patients living alone during the pandemic out of her mind. Her dedication to those in need resulted in her being named one of the half dozen Canton Repository Unsung Heroes for the year 2020. 

Maxwell was initially reluctant to be placed in the spotlight, yet eventually gave in as she was convinced the attention would help inspire others to lend a helping hand to those in need. She insists she does not feel as though she is a hero, stating “I feel like I’m just doing my job.” Maxwell added that she believes the rest of the nurses, aides and assistants helping those in need during the pandemic should also have articles written about them. 

Maxwell worked nearly an entire month of 12-hour shifts, wearing all sorts of metaphorical hats ranging from working as an RN to working as an LPN and even cleaning the facility. She functioned as the nursing home resident’s point of contact with families who could not visit the facility due to the virus. Maxwell even went as far as holding tablets and phones so residents could interact with family members in a virtual manner. 

Maxwell also went out of her way to purchase items her patients needed with her own money. For example, she purchased brand new shoes for one of her patients who had sores on her feet from wearing flip flops. In fact, Maxwell even goes as far as playing the piano for nursing home residents to keep them calm and entertained during this difficult time. Maxwell’s dedication to the greater good was made quite clear when she left her family to help a Columbus nursing home dealing with a coronavirus outbreak. The facility was in desperate need of nurses due to employee quarantines. Maxwell answered the call, providing a helping hand, ensuring those in need were properly cared for.  

A Friendly Face During Lonely Times 

Maxwell and her fellow staff members went out of their way to comfort dying residents. She was there by the side of elderly patients who would have otherwise died alone. Though Maxwell knew the facility’s residents for only a couple of weeks, they developed meaningful bonds. 

Once June rolled around and it was time for Maxwell to begin her new job with Hanover Healthcare Center, her patients were sad to see her go. Sadly, Hanover was hit with a wave of positive tests including several deaths, yet Maxwell continued to serve. In fact, Maxwell even visits the facility on her off days, bringing flowers to residents. We should all strive to replicate Deb Maxwell’s example by bringing joy to others through selfless actions. 


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