Cleaners, Supermarket Workers on the Front Line - COVID-19 Clinical Trial
Hero Story

Cleaners, Supermarket Workers on the Front Line

Today, Hero Spotlight highlights Cleaners and Supermarket workers on the front line all over the world.  

Imagine – Servicing scared and paranoid customers purchasing loads of supplies to last months and having to ring up items for hours at a time without a break. Having to deal with customers’ paranoia, rollercoaster of emotions, and the thought of putting oneself at risk to exposure to such a contagious disease. 

Imagine – cleaning on an hourly schedule, standing for hours at a time around hospitals, subway stations, buildings, department stores, and populated areas that need to be disinfected often as they are the most infected areas. Having to put oneself at risk of possibly being contaminated by every surface that must be sanitized. 


As mentioned by NBC News, “The suddenly crucial role of grocery store employees prompted the states of Minnesota and Vermont to reclassify them as essential emergency workers, affording them benefits often similar to health care providers and first responders.” 

As for cleaners in the UK, as reported by The Guardian, “When cleaners belonging to the Independent Workers of Great Britain went on strike, their slogan was “we are not the dirt we clean,” and yet that is how bosses and society have treated you, even now as your health is imperiled.” 

When walking into a grocery store or passing a cleaner – remember to show gratitude as they are human too. They are fighting this crisis as much as anyone else is while helping communities in the process. 

These are the real heroes doing what must be done to ensure everyone is able to purchase essentials, as well as keeping children, adults, and the elderly as safe and healthy as possible. Humans, just like civilians working from home, in the medical field, or of celebrity status. These heroes must still go back home to their family and hope they have not been exposed. These heroes are now at the frontline labeled as essential emergency workers as they do not have the chance to work from home. 

Kudos to them! 

A special thank you to cleaners, supermarket workers, state legislatures, and to all assisting in this crisis by trying to keep those at the front line safe and healthy during a challenging time for all humans living through this condition. 

By: Jennifer Castillo 


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