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Health During the Pandemic: How to Stay on Track

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    So much of the conversation regarding the coronavirus pandemic has focused on COVID-19 itself: its symptoms, treatments, future vaccines, and more. But we can’t forget about every other health issue that posed a threat before the pandemic soared its way across the globe. 

    Though many people joke about spending quarantine in their pajamas, parked on the couch, the truth is that staying healthy during the pandemic is essential. Here are a few tips to combat common pandemic-era challenges and make it through this quarantine season. 

    Coping with Anxiety and Depression 

    The CDC recently reported that a third of Americans are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression, up from 11% in the months before the coronavirus pandemic emerged. It’s an understandable reaction to the extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19. Strict social distancing, sickness, death, family separation, unemployment, and financial uncertainty now plague the country. 

    With the uncertainty of the coronavirus still looming, it’s important for adults to acknowledge and cope with their symptoms of anxiety and depression: 

    • Little interest or pleasure in normal hobbies and activities 
    • Feeling hopelessness  
    • Feeling nervous and on-edge 
    • Unable to stop or control worrying 

    Fortunately, we have access to an abundance of online mental health resources designed to provide support from the comfort of your own home. Guided auto exercises, mindful breathing, self-help articles, and cognitive-behavioral therapy apps all make it possible to take control of your anxiety, ease your depression, and push through the COVID-19 crisis. 

    Avoiding Weight Gain 

    Quarantine is the ultimate place to gain weight. Without normal activities to keep you moving, it’s all too easy to over-eat and under-exercise. However, staying fit and healthy during the pandemic is one of the best ways to protect your physical and mental health. 

    There’s a direct relationship between your physical activity, diet, health, and happiness. Eating well and exercising deliver powerful benefits for your body: 

    • Stress and anxiety relief 
    • Immune support 
    • Weight management 
    • Reduce risk of preventable diseases 
    • Improve balance and flexibility  

    You can avoid weight gain and stay healthy during quarantine by purchasing nutritious whole foods, getting outside more often, trying a new virtual workout, or exploring a low-risk outdoor hobby like bike riding or hiking. 

    Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help 

    Coronavirus is the leading topic of conversation in every category, from healthcare to the economy. But don’t be afraid to ask for help for health issues unrelated to COVID-19! This pandemic didn’t cause all other issues to take a break, and you still need and deserve the same level of care and support that you received in pre-coronavirus times. 

    Doctors and other health professionals have made themselves more accessible during the pandemic with virtual appointments, telehealth platforms, and private appointments. Check into the types of support offered in your area or online to get the help you need. 


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